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Spinoff 2011

Table of Contents
R&D 100 Award Icon

Denotes that R&D Magazine has awarded the technology with its “R&D 100” award.

Space Technology Hall of Fame Icon

Indicates that the Space Foundation has inducted the technology into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

NASA Invention of the Year Icon

Signifies that the technology has been named as a NASA “Invention of the Year.”

NASA Software of the Year Icon

Designates that the software has been named as a NASA “Software of the Year.”



Health and Medicine Icon

Health and Medicine

Bioreactors Drive Advances in Tissue Engineering

R&D 100 Award Icon
Space Technology Hall of Fame Icon

Tooling Techniques Enhance Medical Imaging

Ventilator Technologies Sustain Critically Injured Patients

Protein Innovations Advance Drug Treatments, Skin Care

Mass Analyzers Facilitate Research on Addiction

Frameworks Coordinate Scientific Data Management

Transportation Icon


Cameras Improve Navigation for Pilots, Drivers


Integrated Design Tools Reduce Risk, Cost

Advisory Systems Save Time, Fuel for Airlines

NASA Software of the Year Icon

Modeling Programs Increase Aircraft Design Safety


Fly-by-Wire Systems Enable Safer, More Efficient Flight

Space Technology Hall of Fame Icon

Public Saftey Icon

Public Safety

Modified Fittings Enhance Industrial Safety

Simulation Tools Model Icing for Aircraft Design

Information Systems Coordinate Emergency Management

Imaging Systems Provide Maps for U.S. Soldiers

High-Pressure Systems Suppress Fires in Seconds

Alloy-Enhanced Fans Maintain Fresh Air in Tunnels

Consumer Goods Icon

Consumer Goods

Control Algorithms Charge Batteries Faster

Software Programs Derive Measurements from Photographs

Retrofits Convert Gas Vehicles into Hybrids

NASA Missions Inspire Online Video Games

Monitors Track Vital Signs for Fitness and Safety


Thermal Components Boost Performance of HVAC Systems

Energy and Environment Icon

Energy and Environment

World Wind Tools Reveal Environmental Change

NASA Software of the Year Icon

Analyzers Measure Greenhouse Gasses, Airborne Pollutants

Remediation Technologies Eliminate Contaminants

Space Technology Hall of Fame Icon
NASA Invention of the Year Icon

Receivers Gather Data for Climate Research, Weather Prediction

Coating Processes Boost Performance of Solar Cells


Analyzers Provide Water Security in Space and on Earth


Catalyst Substrates Remove Contaminants, Produce Fuel


Rocket Engine Innovations Advance Clean Energy

Information Technology Icon

Information Technology

Technologies Render Views of Earth for Virtual Navigation

Content Platforms Meet Data Storage, Retrieval Needs

Tools Ensure Reliability of Critical Software

Electronic Handbooks Simplify Process Management

Software Innovations Speed Scientific Computing


Controller Chips Preserve Microprocessor Function


Industrial Productivity

Nanotube Production Devices Expand Research Capabilities

Custom Machines Advance Composite Manufacturing

Polyimide Foams Offer Superior Insulation

R&D 100 Award Icon

Beam Steering Devices Reduce Payload Weight

Models Support Energy-Saving Microwave Technologies


Materials Advance Chemical Propulsion Technology


High-Temperature Coatings Offer Energy Savings


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