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  • Orion spacecraft
    Orion and Space Launch System Spinoffs

    Orion launches on its first test flight December 4, but did you know there are already commercial spinoffs from the spacecraft? See examples here!

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  • Spinoff 2015 cover
    Spinoff 2015: NASA Technologies Benefit Society

    Spinoff 2015 presents remarkable examples of spinoffs providing benefits around the world—saving lives, creating jobs, preserving resources, and more.

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  • NASA-derived shock absorbers secure buildings, bridges-and aSpace Technology Hall of Fame induction
    A Hall of Fame Spinoff

    The Space Foundation inducts NASA spinoff company Taylor Devices into its Hall
    of Fame.

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  • NASA Technology Transfer Program Executive Daniel Lockney
    Down-to-Earth Benefits from Space

    Actor/WriterNASA Technology Transfer Program Executive Dan Lockney explains how NASA’s missions benefit society and shares his favorite examples from Spinoff 2013.

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  • NASA Spinoff
    Spinoff has come to the iPad

    Connect to Spinoff with our new free app! Learn about NASA technologies benefitting
    the world today. Articles, interactive features, videos, and more!

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Spinoff Spotlights
Detroit Tigers Baseball Game
Gigapixel Images Connect Sports Teams with Fans
Technology developed at Ames Research Center to take high-resolution imagery on Mars is now being used in baseball stadiums across the country. A private business customized the platform to accommodate in-game shots that capture nearly the whole stadium. Fans can navigate the photos online and tag themselves and their friends using social media tools..
iDesign Advanced WaveScan
Telescope Innovations Improve Speed, Accuracy of
Eye Surgery

Goddard Space Flight Center enlisted the help of several contractors to accomplish the enormous task of polishing the Webb telescope mirrors. One of the contractors developed a system for testing the mirrors and was later acquired by a company that now offers a laser vision product—enhanced by the telescope innovations—to measure a patient’s eye and create a map for treatment.
Formula 1 race car
Polymers Advance Heat Management Materials
for Vehicles

Under NASA funding, a private company enhanced and refined a polymer material that was incorporated into a formula intended to repair any potential damage on the exterior of the space shuttle. The polymer converts into a ceramic at high temperatures, and the company now manufactures a family of related heat management products for the military, aerospace, aviation, and automotive markets.
ESP+ testing on Air Force
Detectors Ensure Function, Safety of Aircraft Wiring
To help inspect the more than 200 miles of electrical bundles and wires on the space shuttle, Pedro Medelius at Kennedy Space Center invented the standing wave reflectometer. A company then licensed the technology, which is now used to examine wiring in aircraft, submarines, sea vessels, and helicopters. The private company has grown to 30 employees and the technology has saved more than $2 million on development costs.
Sensors on a plant
Sensors Enable Plants to Text Message Farmers
A nonprofit, NASA-sponsored research partnership center developed a leaf sensor that can monitor plants using electrical pulses, allowing anyone from astronauts to farmers to measure plant water levels directly. One company has commercialized the technology, allowing “thirsty” plants to send text messages to farmers asking for more water.

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