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Archeological/Environmental Research

Issue: 1991 Category: Environment and Resource Management Category Icon - Energy and Environment
Page: 88-89 Center: Ames Research Center
State: CA Manufacturer: Ames Research Center
Origin: Landsat/seasat Programs
Tech Terms: Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery, Archeology, Earth Resources, Environmental Monitoring, Landsat, Seasat
Landsat/Seasat remote sensing was used by Ames Research Center to evaluate environmental influence on ancient Mayan civilization. Over 35 archeological sites were imaged and valuable information concerning Maya settlement patterns, environment, and resource usage resulted. The imagery was also used by Mexican authorities to develop coastal management plans, establish Biosphere Reserves and assess damage from the 1988 Hurricane Gilbert. Imagery showed evidence of ancient coastlines, changes in sea level, an ancient river plain and Mayan canal systems. Previously unknown Mayan reservoirs were discovered. The project is considered a pioneering effort combining remote sensing, environmental studies and archeology.
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