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Body-Building Boons from Apollo

Issue: 1978 Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation Category Icon - Consumer/Consumer Goods
Page: 68 Center: Johnson Space Center
State: CA Manufacturer: EXER-GENIE, INC.
Origin: Apollo 7
Tech Terms: Exercise, Body Building, Isometrics, Isotonics, Sports, Muscle Strengthening, Bone Density
Normal methods of exercise were not applicable in space, due to weightlessness and limited space, Johnson Space Center developed the "Exergenie." Device weighs less than two pounds and takes up very little room, yet permits a wide range of resistive exercises such as isometrics and isotonics, but with the important added factor of controlled resistance. Device is arrangement of hand grips and nylon cord wrapped around an aluminum shaft. Controlled friction determines resistance and the user can set the amount of resistive force to his own physical conditioning needs. Exerciser has found wide acceptance among high school athletic teams and the growing number of individuals interested in physical fitness.
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