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Bulp Miser (1978)

Issue: 1978 Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation Category Icon - Consumer/Consumer Goods
Page: 79 Center: Langley Research Center
State: TX Manufacturer: Bulb Miser, Inc.
Origin: Apollo
Tech Terms: Lighting, Thermal Shock Absorbers, Filaments, Current Surges, Hospitals, Homes, Banks
Bulb Miser, Inc. found that most light bulbs fail because the initial impact of full current is too much for cold filament when you flick on the light switch. The Bulb Miser provides answer to problem for large quantity bulb users. Used in Apollo, it acts as thermal shock absorber and lets filament heat up slowly to prevent burnout. Result: average increase in bulb life up to 300 percent. Bulb miser has not only been used in private homes but also in hospitals, schools, hotels, motels, restaurants, banks, and firms providing contract maintenance for large outdoor electric signs.
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