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Fly-by-Wire Systems Enable Safer, More Efficient Flight

Issue: 2011 Category: Transportation Category Icon - Transportation
Page: 74 Center: Dryden Flight Research Center
State: MA Manufacturer: Draper Laboratory
Origin: Digital Fly-by-Wire Program
Tech Terms: digital fly-by-wire, Apollo Guidance Computer, F-8 Program
Using the ultra-reliable Apollo Guidance Computer that enabled the Apollo Moon missions, Dryden Flight Research Center engineers, in partnership with industry leaders such as Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Draper Laboratory, demonstrated that digital computers could be used to fly aircraft. Digital fly-by-wire systems have since been incorporated into large airliners, military jets, revolutionary new aircraft, and even cars and submarines.
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Additional Information:
PDF Chart: http://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2011/Slides/T/DFBW.pdf
Company: http://www.draper.com
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