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High-Tech, Low-Temp Insulation

Issue: 1998 Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation Category Icon - Consumer/Consumer Goods
Page: 67 Center: Ames Research Center
State: AZ Manufacturer: S. D. MILLER & ASSOCIATES
Origin: Lightweight Metal Insulation for Future Reusable Space-plane Reentry
Tech Terms: Reusable Space Planes, Atmosphere, Insulation, Heat Transfer, Insulation System, Insulation Technology
Under an SBIR contract with Ames, S.D. Miller & Associates developed new manufacturing methods for multi-layer metal spacecraft insulation that could significantly reduce launch weight and launch costs. The new honeycomb structure is more efficient than fibers for insulation. Honeycombs can be made from metals for high temperature uses, even plastic insulation from recycled milk bottles. Under development are blankets made from recycled milk bottles which will be field tested by the Red Cross and ambulance companies. Currently available are honeycomb mittens based on the same technology.
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