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Industrial Inspection System (CAT)

Issue: 1993 Category: Computer Technology Category Icon - Information Technology
Page: 110 Center: Marshall Space Flight Center
State: IL Manufacturer: Bio-Imaging Research, Inc.
Origin: Apollo Lunar Landing Program
Tech Terms: Computer Aided Tomography, Defects, Inspection, X Ray Analysis, Nondestructive Tests
ACTIS+ is a smaller, personal computer version of ACTIS, a computed tomography system which finds its origins in the Apollo lunar landing research. It is used to identify imperfections in aerospace structures and components. Designed to be added to an existing real time radiography system, its components include a high precision rotation/elevation manipulator, color image monitor, graphical user interface monitor, and PC compatible workstation. Cross-sectional CT images are more detailed than radiographic images and the high speed scanning feature offers the capability for 100 percent inspection in a production environment. Bio-Imaging Research, Inc. (BIR) originally developed ACTIS for Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), and commercial units were sold to aerospace manufacturers. The technology was refined for ACTIS+, which is principally used in non-destructive testing.
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