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Methane-Powered Airplane

Issue: 1984 Category: Transportation Category Icon - Transportation
Page: 112 Center: N/A
State: KS Manufacturer: Beech Aircraft Corporation
Origin: NASA's Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle Program
Tech Terms: Liquid Methane, Cryogenic Fluid Storage, Aircrafts, Transportation
Beech Aircraft's Corporation's Boulder Division developed expertise in producing superinsulated virtually leak-proof cryogenic equipment for storing liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuels in NASA's Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle programs. Boulder Division used this experience in designing a fuel storage tank for liquid methane, a "cryogenic" fuel that must be supercooled to keep it liquid. Beech Aircraft is producing a four-place lightplane powered by liquid methane (LM) which is stored in two of these specially designed cryogenic storage tanks holding 18 gallons each.
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