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Polymer Fabric Protects Firefighters, Military, and Civilians

Issue: 2008 Category: Public Safety Category Icon - Public Safety
Page: 84 Center: Kennedy Space Center
State: NC Manufacturer: PBI Performance Products, Inc.
Origin: Capsule thermal barrier and insulation
Tech Terms: Aramid, polymer, fiber, Celanese, PBI, PBI polymers, flame resistant fiber, firefighting, motor sports, military
In 1967, NASA contracted with Celanese Corporation, of New York, to develop a line of PBI textiles for use in space suits and vehicles. In 2005, the PBI fiber and polymer business was sold to PBI Performance Products Inc., of Charlotte, North Carolina, under the ownership of the InterTech Group, of North Charleston, South Carolina. PBI Performance Products now offers two distinct lines: PBI, the original heat and flame resistant fiber; and Celazole, a family of high-temperature PBI polymers available in true polymer form. PBI is now used in numerous firefighting, military, motor sports, and other applications.
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