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Tunable Smoke Detector*

Issue: 1979 Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation Category Icon - Consumer/Consumer Goods
Page: 91 Center: Johnson Space Center
State: Manufacturer:
Origin: Skylab
Tech Terms: Fire Prevention, Warning Systems, Smoke Detectors, Fire Detectors
Honeywell AC/Battery Backup Smoke and Fire Detector normally operates on home electrical current but also has a continuously self-recharging nickel-cadmium battery which automatically takes over if home power fails. An ionization chamber senses incipient combustion and actuates an alarm horn which emits a loud, piercing warning signal. Unit has a sensitivity switch which permits homeowner to fine-tune the detector, to avoid nuisance alarms such as those triggered by cooking. Do-it-yourself testing system allows user to make sure all elements of detector are working properly simply by pushing a button. *The Honeywell Smoke Detector is no longer being manufactured.
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