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Water and Air Measures That Make 'PureSense'

Issue: 2005 Category: Environment and Resource Management Category Icon - Energy and Environment
Page: 68-71 Center: Ames Research Center
State: CA Manufacturer: PureSense Environmental, Inc.
Origin: NASA Data-mining Algorithms
Tech Terms: Environmental, Water, Air, Bioterrorism, Software
In the spring of 2002, NASA and several of the eventual founders of PureSense sponsored a series of work sessions for emergency response and water system agencies, with representation from a wide variety of Federal, state, local, and first-response officials. The sessions focused on understanding how to deal more effectively with bioterrorist attacks. The would-be founders of PureSense brought experience in building and using multi-disciplinary applications of real-time intelligence systems and communications technology; these were integrated into a proof-of-concept hardware and software system application to support collaborative surveillance, detection, response, and recovery. The system demonstrated several of NASA's remote-sensing, advanced data-analysis, simulation, and scientific data-visualization technologies and repurposed them alongside other technologies and applications to facilitate cohesive, rapid decision-making across the agencies. These experiences ultimately led to the launch of the PureSense company. Today, PureSense is providing customers in the commercial and municipal markets with a cost-effective online service to detect, know, and respond immediately to critical changes in the quality of water and air, and to do so in real time. Early endorsements for the PureSense system have been received from some of the Nation's largest water companies, including the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the second-largest municipal water company in the United States.
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