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Partnership Benefits

Health and Medicine

Lighting the Way for Quicker, Safer Healing
Discovering New Drugs on the Cellular Level


Hydrogen Sensors Boost Hybrids; Today’s Models Losing Gas?
3-D Highway in the Sky
Popping a Hole in High-Speed Pursuits
Monitoring Wake Vortices for More Efficient Airports
From Rockets to Racecars

Public Safety

All-Terrain Intelligent Robot Braves Battlefront to Save Lives
Keeping the Air Clean and Safe—An Anthrax Smoke Detector
Lightning Often Strikes Twice
Technology That’s Ready and Able to Inspect Those Cables
Secure Networks for First Responders and Special Forces


Space Suit Spins
Cooking Dinner at Home­—From the Office
Nanoscale Materials Make for Large-Scale Applications
NASA’s Growing Commitment: The Space Garden
Bringing Thunder and Lightning Indoors
Forty-Year-Old Foam Springs Back With New Benefits
Experiments With Small Animals Rarely Go This Well…
NASA, the Fisherman’s Friend
Crystal-Clear Communication a Sweet-Sounding Success
Inertial Motion-Tracking Technology for Virtual 3-D

Environment and Resources Management

Then Why Do They Call Earth the Blue Planet?
Valiant Zero-Valent Effort Restores Contaminated Grounds
Harnessing the Power of the Sun
Water and Air Measures That Make ‘PureSense’
Remote Sensing for Farmers and Flood Watching
Pesticide-Free Device a ‘Fatal Attraction’ for Mosquitoes
Making the Most of Waste Energy
Washing Away the Worries About Germs

Computer Technology

Celestial Software Scratches More Than the Surface
A Search Engine That’s Aware of Your Needs
Fault-Detection Tool Has Companies ‘Mining’ Own Business
Software to Manage the Unmanageable
Tracking Electromagnetic Energy With SQUIDs
Taking the Risk Out of Risk Assessment
Satellite and Ground System Solutions at Your Fingertips
Structural Analysis Made ‘NESSUSary
Software of Seismic Proportions Promotes Enjoyable Learning

Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology

Making a Reliable Actuator Faster and More Affordable
Cost-Cutting Powdered Lubricant
NASA’s Radio Frequency Bolt Monitor: A Lifetime of Spinoffs
Going End to End to Deliver High-Speed Data
Advanced Joining Technology: Simple, Strong, and Secure
Big Results From a Smaller Gearbox
Low-Pressure Generator Makes Cleanrooms Cleaner
The Space Laser Business Model

Research and Development at NASA

Space Operations
Exploration Systems
Aeronautics Research

Education News at NASA

Partnership Successes

Technology Transfer Network and Affiliations

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