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Partnership Benefits

Health and Medicine

Ingestible Thermometer Pill Aids Athletes in Beating the Heat
Space-Proven Medical Monitor: The Total Patient-Care Package
From Planetary Imaging to Enzyme Screening


Damage-Tolerant Fan Casings for Jet Engines
Steering Aircraft Clear of Choppy Air
Advanced Air Data Systems for Commercial Aircraft
NASA Helps Design the ‘Cockpit of the Future’

Public Safety

Water Vapor Sensors Go Sky-High to Assure Aircraft Safety
Clean Water for Remote Locations
Fire-Resistant Reinforcement Makes Steel Structures Sturdier
Feeling Well Rested and Wide Awake When it Counts

Consumer, Home, and Recreation

X-ray Device Makes Scrubbing Rugs Clean a Spotless Effort
A Match Made in Space
Affordable Space Tourism: SpaceStationSim
Preventing Ice Before it Forms
Microspheres in Plasma Display Panels
Look Sharp While Seeing Sharp
Raised Relief Mars Globe Brings the Red Planet Closer
Modern Exploration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Reflecting on Space Benefits: A Shining Example

Environmental and Agricultural Resources

PRP: The Proven Solution for Cleaning Up Oil Spills
Progressive Plant Growing Has Business Blooming
FLIPPER: Validation for Remote Ocean Imaging
Paper-Thin Plastic Film Soaks Up Sun to Create Solar Energy
Saving Space and Time: The Tractor That Einstein Built

Computer Technology

A Predictive Approach to Eliminating Errors in Software Code
Scheduling Software for Complex Scenarios
Difficult Decisions Made Easier
The Echoes of Earth Science
GPS Eye-in-the-Sky Software Takes Closer Look Below
A History of High-Performance Computing

Industrial Productivity and Manufacturing Technology

Cryogenic Cooling for Myriad Applications—A STAR Is Born!
Temperature Sensing for Oil, Gas, and Structural Analysis
Robust, Thin Optical Films for Extreme Environments
The Cutting Edge of High-Temperature Composites
Nano Goes Magnetic to Attract Big Business
Laser Mapping for Visual Inspection and Measurement
Electrical Conductivity in Textiles
Spatial Phase Imaging
Miniature Wireless Sensors Size Up to Big Applications

Research and Development at NASA

Education News at NASA

Partnership Successes

Innovative Partnerships Program Network

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