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Executive Summary
NASA Technologies Enhance Our Lives
NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Health and Medicine
Circulation-Enhancing Device Improves CPR
Noninvasive Test Detects Cardiovascular Disease
Scheduling Accessory Assists Patients with Cognitive Disorders
Neurospinal Screening Evaluates Nerve Function *
Hand-Held Instrument Fights Acne, Tops Over-the-Counter Market
Multispectral Imaging Broadens Cellular Analysis
Hierarchical Segmentation Enhances Diagnostic Imaging

Comprehensive Software Eases Air Traffic Management
Modeling Tool Advances Rotorcraft Design
Air Data Report Improves Flight Safety
Advanced Airfoils Boost Helicopter Performance
Deicing System Protects General Aviation Aircraft

Public Safety
Chemical-Sensing Cables Detect Potential Threats
Infrared Imaging Sharpens View in Critical Situations
Plants Clean Air and Water for Indoor Environments

Consumer, Home, and Recreation
Corrosive Gas Restores Artwork, Promises Myriad Applications
Detailed Globes Enhance Education and Recreation
Food Supplement Reduces Fat, Improves Flavor
Additive Transforms Paint into Insulation
New Lubricants Protect Machines and the Environment

Environmental and Agricultural Resources
Advanced Systems Map, Monitor, and Manage Earth’s Resources
Sensor Network Provides Environmental Data
Voltage Controller Saves Energy, Prolongs Life of Motors
Treatment Prevents Corrosion in Steel and Concrete Structures

Computer Technology
Optics Program Simplifies Analysis and Design
Design Application Translates 2-D Graphics to 3-D Surfaces
Hybrid Modeling Improves Health and Performance Monitoring
Software Sharing Enables Smarter Content Management
Engineering Software Suite Validates System Design

Industrial Productivity
Open-Lattice Composite Design Strengthens Structures
Ultra-Sensitive Photoreceiver Boosts Data Transmission
Micro Machining Enhances Precision Fabrication
Portable Hyperspectral Imaging Broadens Sensing Horizons
Hypersonic Composites Resist Extreme Heat and Stress
Computational Modeling Develops Ultra-Hard Steel
Thin, Light, Flexible Heaters Save Time and Energy
Novel Nanotube Manufacturing Streamlines Production
‘NASA Invention of the Year’ Controls Noise and Vibration
Thermoelectric Devices Advance Thermal Management

Research and Operations

Education News
Partnership News
Innovative Partnerships Program

* The Spinoff story “Neurospinal Screening Evaluates Nerve Function,” which appeared in Spinoff 2007, has been removed from this page. After review of the documentation provided to support this Spinoff claim, NASA has determined that the claim does not meet NASA standards for designation as a NASA spinoff technology. NASA regrets the error. For more information regarding NASA Spinoff, please visit

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