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Apollo Spinoffs

Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Image-Capture Devices Extend Medicine’s Reach

Medical Devices Assess, Treat Balance Disorders

NASA Bioreactors Advance Disease Treatments

Robotics Algorithms Provide Nutritional Guidelines

‘Anti-Gravity’ Treadmills Speed Rehabilitation

Crew Management Processes Revitalize Patient Care

Hubble Systems Optimize Busy Hospital Schedules

Web-Based Programs Assess Cognitive Fitness

Electrolyte Concentrates Treat Dehydration


Tools Lighten Designs, Maintain Structural Integrity

Insulating Foams Save Money, Increase Safety

Polyimide Resins Resist Extreme Temperatures

Sensors Locate Radio Interference

Surface Operations Systems Improve Airport Efficiency

Nontoxic Resins Advance Aerospace Manufacturing

Public Safety

Sensors Provide Early Warning of Biological Threats

Robots Save Soldiers’ Lives Overseas

Apollo-Era Life Rafts Save Hundreds of Sailors

Circuits Enhance Scientific Instruments and Safety Devices

Tough Textiles Protect Payloads and Public Safety Officers

Consumer, Home, and Recreation

Forecasting Tools Point to Fishing Hotspots

Air Purifiers Eliminate Pathogens, Preserve Food

Fabrics Protect Sensitive Skin from UV Rays

Phase Change Fabrics Control Temperature

Tiny Devices Project Sharp, Colorful Images

Environmental and Agricultural Resources

Star-Mapping Tools Enable Tracking of Endangered Animals

Nanofiber Filters Eliminate Contaminants

Modeling Innovations Advance Wind Energy Industry

Thermal Insulation Strips Conserve Energy

Satellite-Respondent Buoys Identify Ocean Debris

Mobile Instruments Measure Atmospheric Pollutants

Cloud Imagers Offer New Details on Earth’s Health

Antennas Lower Cost of Satellite Access

Feature Detection Systems Enhance Satellite Imagery

Chlorophyll Meters Aid Plant Nutrient Management

Telemetry Boards Interpret Rocket, Airplane Engine Data

Programs Automate Complex Operations Monitoring

Software Tools Streamline Project Management

Modeling Languages Refine Vehicle Design

Radio Relays Improve Wireless Products

Industrial Productivity

Advanced Sensors Boost Optical Communication, Imaging

Tensile Fabrics Enhance Architecture Around the World

Robust Light Filters Support Powerful Imaging Devices

Thermoelectric Devices Cool, Power Electronics

Innovative Tools Advance Revolutionary Weld Technique

Methods Reduce Cost, Enhance Quality of Nanotubes

Gauging Systems Monitor Cryogenic Liquids

Voltage Sensors Monitor Harmful Static

Compact Instruments Measure Heat Potential

Aeronautics and Space Activities
Education News
Partnership News
   NASA Technology Award Winners
Innovative Partnerships Program
R&D 100 Award icon
Denotes that R&D 100 Magazine has awarded the technology with its R&D 100 Award.
Space Technology Hall of Fame icon
Indicates that the Space Foundation has inducted the technology into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

NASA Invention of the Year
Signifies that the technology has been named as a NASA “Invention of the Year.”

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