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International Space Station Spinoffs
Executive Summary
NASA Technologies Enhance Our Lives on Earth
NASA Partnerships Across the Nation

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Burnishing Techniques Strengthen Hip Implants

Signal Processing Methods Monitor Cranial Pressure

Ultraviolet-Blocking Lenses Protect, Enhance Vision

Hyperspectral Systems Increase Imaging Capabilities


Programs Model the Future of Air Traffic Management

Tail Rotor Airfoils Stabilize Helicopters, Reduce Noise

Personal Aircraft Point to the Future of Transportation

Ducted Fan Designs Lead to Potential New Vehicles

Winglets Save Billions of Dollars in Fuel Costs

Sensor Systems Collect Critical Aerodynamics Data

Coatings Extend Life of Engines and Infrastructure

Public Safety

Radiometers Optimize Local Weather Prediction

Energy-Efficient Systems Eliminate Icing Danger for UAVs

Rocket-Powered Parachutes Rescue Entire Planes

Technologies Advance UAVs for Science, Military

Inflatable Antennas Support Emergency Communication

Smart Sensors Assess Structural Health

Hand-Held Devices Detect Explosives and Chemical Agents

Terahertz Tools Advance Imaging for Security, Industry

Consumer Goods

LED Systems Target Plant Growth

Aerogels Insulate Against Extreme Temperatures

Image Sensors Enhance Camera Technologies

Lightweight Material Patches Allow for Quick Repairs

Nanomaterials Transform Hairstyling Tools

Do-It-Yourself Additives Recharge Auto Air Conditioning

Environmental Resources

Systems Analyze Water Quality in Real Time

Compact Radiometers Expand Climate Knowledge

Energy Servers Deliver Clean, Affordable Power

Solutions Remediate Contaminated Groundwater

Bacteria Provide Cleanup of Oil Spills, Wastewater

Reflective Coatings Protect People and Animals

Innovative Techniques Simplify Vibration Analysis

Modeling Tools Predict Flow in Fluid Dynamics

Verification Tools Secure Online Shopping, Banking

Toolsets Maintain Health of Complex Systems

Framework Resources Multiply Computing Power

Tools Automate Spacecraft Testing, Operation

GPS Software Packages Deliver Positioning Solutions

Solid-State Recorders Enhance Scientific Data Collection

Computer Models Simulate Fine Particle Dispersion

Industrial Productivity

Composite Sandwich Technologies Lighten Components

Cameras Reveal Elements in the Short Wave Infrared

Deformable Mirrors Correct Optical Distortions

Stitching Techniques Advance Optics Manufacturing

Compact, Robust Chips Integrate Optical Functions

Fuel Cell Stations Automate Processes, Catalyst Testing

Onboard Systems Record Unique Videos of Space Missions

Space Research Results Purify Semiconductor Materials

Toolkits Control Motion of Complex Robotics

Aeronautics and Space Activities
Education News
Partnership News
   NASA Technology Award Winners
Office of the Chief Technologist

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