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Spinoffs in Manufacturing

Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Aeronautics and Space Activities

Education News

Partnership News

Award-Winning Technologies

Space Technology for Tomorrow


Health and Medicine

Water Treatment Technologies Inspire Healthy Beverages

Dietary Formulas Fortify Antioxidant Supplements

Rovers Pave the Way for Hospital Robots

Dry Electrodes Facilitate Remote Health Monitoring

Telescope Innovations Improve Speed, Accuracy of Eye Surgery

Superconductors Enable Lower Cost MRI Systems

Transportation Icon

Anti-Icing Formulas Prevent Train Delays

Shuttle Repair Tools Automate Vehicle Maintenance

Pressure-Sensitive Paints Advance Rotorcraft Design Testing

Speech Recognition Interfaces Improve Flight Safety

Polymers Advance Heat Management Materials for Vehicles

Wireless Sensors Pinpoint Rotorcraft Troubles

Public Saftey Icon

Ultrasonic Detectors Safely Identify Dangerous, Costly Leaks

Detectors Ensure Function, Safety of Aircraft Wiring

Emergency Systems Save Tens of Thousands of Lives

Oxygen Assessments Ensure Safer Medical Devices

Collaborative Platforms Aid Emergency Decision Making

Consumer Goods Icon

Space-Inspired Trailers Encourage Exploration on Earth

Ultra-Thin Coatings Beautify Art

Spacesuit Materials Add Comfort to Undergarments

Gigapixel Images Connect Sports Teams with Fans

Satellite Maps Deliver More Realistic Gaming

Elemental Scanning Devices Authenticate Works of Art

Energy and Environment

Microradiometers Reveal Ocean Health, Climate Change

Sensors Enable Plants to Text Message Farmers

Efficient Cells Cut the Cost of Solar Power

Shuttle Topography Data Inform Solar Power Analysis

Photocatalytic Solutions Create Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Concentrators Enhance Solar Power Systems

Innovative Coatings Potentially Lower Facility Maintenance Costs

Computer Technology Icon

Simulation Packages Expand Aircraft Design Options

Web Solutions Inspire Cloud Computing Software

Behavior Prediction Tools Strengthen Nanoelectronics

Power Converters Secure Electronics in Harsh Environments

Diagnostics Tools Identify Faults Prior to Failure

Archiving Innovations Preserve Essential Historical Records

Industrial Productivity icon

Meter Designs Reduce Operation Costs for Industry

Commercial Platforms Allow Affordable Space Research

Fiber Optics Deliver Real-Time Structural Monitoring

Camera Systems Rapidly Scan Large Structures

Terahertz Lasers Reveal Information for 3D Images

Thin Films Protect Electronics from Heat and Radiation

Interferometers Sharpen Measurements for Better Telescopes

Vision Systems Illuminate on Industrial Processes

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