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Mars Spinoffs

Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Partnership News

Award-Winning Technologies

Spinoffs of Tomorrow

NASA Technology Transfer ProgramNetwork Directory


Health and Medicine

Innovative Software Tools Measure Behavioral Alertness

Miniaturized, Portable Sensors Monitor Metabolic Health

Patient Simulators Train Emergency Caregivers

Solar Refrigerators Store Life-Saving Vaccines

Monitors Enable Medication Management in Patients’ Homes

Handheld Diagnostic Device Delivers Quick Medical Readings

Transportation Icon

Experiments Result in Safer, Spin-Resistant Aircraft

Interfaces Visualize Data for Airline Safety, Efficiency

Data Mining Tools Make Flights Safer, More Efficient

NASA Standards Inform Comfortable Car Seats

Heat Shield Paves the Way for Commercial Space

Public Saftey Icon

Air Systems Provide Life Support to Miners

Coatings Preserve Metal, Stone, Tile, and Concrete

Robots Spur Software That Lends a Hand

Cloud-Based Data Sharing Connects Emergency Managers

Catalytic Converters Maintain Air Quality in Mines

Consumer Goods Icon

NASA-Enhanced Water Bottles Filter Water on the Go

Brainwave Monitoring Software Improves Distracted Minds

Thermal Materials Protect Priceless, Personal Keepsakes

Home Air Purifiers Eradicate Harmful Pathogens

Thermal Materials Drive Professional Apparel Line

Radiant Barriers Save Energy in Buildings

Energy and Environment

Open Source Initiative Powers Real-Time Data Streams

Shuttle Engine Designs Revolutionize Solar Power

Procedure-Authoring Tool Improves Safety on Oil Rigs

Satellite Data Aid Monitoring of Nation’s Forests

Mars Technologies Spawn Durable Wind Turbines

Programs Visualize Earth and Space for Interactive Education

Computer Technology Icon

Processor Units Reduce Satellite Construction Costs

Software Accelerates Computing Time for Complex Math

Simulation Tools Prevent Signal Interference on Spacecraft

Software Simplifies the Sharing of Numerical Models

Virtual Machine Language Controls Remote Devices

Micro-Accelerometers Monitor Equipment Health

Industrial Productivity icon

Reactors Save Energy, Costs for Hydrogen Production

Cameras Monitor Spacecraft Integrity to Prevent Failures

Testing Devices Garner Data on Insulation Performance

Smart Sensors Gather Information for Machine Diagnostics

Oxygen Sensors Monitor Bioreactors and Ensure Health and Safety

Vision Algorithms Catch Defects in Screen Displays

Deformable Mirrors Capture Exoplanet Data, Reflect Lasers

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