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Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Partnership News

Award-Winning Technologies

Spinoffs of Tomorrow

NASA Technology Transfer Program Network Directory


Health and Medicine

3D Endoscope to Boost Safety, Cut Cost of Surgery

Audio App Brings a Better Night’s Sleep

Liquid Cooling Technology Increases Exercise Efficiency

Algae-Derived Dietary Ingredients Nourish Animals

Space Grant Research Launches Rehabilitation Chair

Vision Trainer Teaches Focusing Techniques at Home

Transportation Icon

Aircraft Geared Architecture Reduces Fuel Cost and Noise

Ubiquitous Supercritical Wing Design Cuts Billions in Fuel Costs

Flight Controller Software Protects Lightweight Flexible Aircraft

Cabin Pressure Monitors Notify Pilots to Save Lives

Ionospheric Mapping Software Ensures Accuracy of Pilots’ GPS

Public Saftey Icon

Water Mapping Technology Rebuilds Lives in Arid Regions

Shock Absorbers Save Structures and Lives during Earthquakes

Software Facilitates Sharing of Water Quality Data Worldwide

Underwater Adhesives Retrofit Pipelines with Advanced Sensors

Laser Imaging Video Camera Sees through Fire, Fog, Smoke

3D Lasers Increase Efficiency, Safety of Moving Machines

Consumer Goods Icon

Air Revitalization System Enables Excursions to the Stratosphere

Magnetic Fluids Deliver Better Speaker Sound Quality

Bioreactor Yields Extracts for Skin Cream

Private Astronaut Training Prepares Commercial Crews of Tomorrow

Activity Monitors Help Users Get Optimum Sun Exposure

LEDs Illuminate Bulbs for Better Sleep, Wake Cycles

Charged Particles Kill Pathogens and Round Up Dust

Balance Devices Train Golfers for a Consistent Swing

Energy and Environment

Landsat Imagery Enables Global Studies of Surface Trends

Ruggedized Spectrometers Are Built for Tough Jobs

Gas Conversion Systems Reclaim Fuel for Industry

Remote Sensing Technologies Mitigate Drought

Satellite Data Inform Forecasts of Crop Growth

Probes Measure Gases for Environmental Research

Computer Technology Icon

Cloud Computing Technologies Facilitate Earth Research

Software Cuts Homebuilding Costs, Increases Energy Efficiency

Portable Planetariums Teach Science

Schedule Analysis Software Saves Time for Project Planners

Sound Modeling Simplifies Vehicle Noise Management

Industrial Productivity icon

Custom 3D Printers Revolutionize Space Supply Chain

Improved Calibration Shows Images’ True Colors

Micromachined Parts Advance Medicine, Astrophysics, and More

Metalworking Techniques Unlock a Unique Alloy

Low-Cost Sensors Deliver Nanometer-Accurate Measurements

Electrical Monitoring Devices Save on Time and Cost

Dry Lubricant Smooths the Way for Space Travel, Industry

Compact Vapor Chamber Cools Critical Components

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