Table of Contents INSIDE 2016



Monumental Opportunities of the SLS

Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Partnership News

Award-Winning Technologies

Spinoffs of Tomorrow

NASA Technology Transfer Program Directory

Health and Medicine

Rodent Research Contributes to Osteoporosis Treatments

Pressure Garments Save New Mothers’ Lives

Tool Kit Simplifies Development of High- Affinity Molecules

Space-Ready Spectrometer Offers Terrestrial Advantages


Unmanned Research Aircraft Test Cutting-Edge Innovations

Data Visualizer Enhances Modeling for Cars, Consumer Products

Lightweight, Ultra-Strong Nanotubes to Transform Industry

Multidisciplinary Software to Help Take Aircraft to the Next Level

Orbital Trajectory Analyzer Takes Mission Planning to New Heights

Open Source Aircraft Design Software Helps Industry, Hobbyists

Public Safety

Rice Crop Models Stabilize Global Markets, Enable Efficient Irrigation

GPS Sensor Web Helps Forecasters Warn of Monsoon Flash Floods

Analytic Tool Simplifies Metal Fracture Assessments

Mars Methane Detector Identifies Harmful Gas Leaks

Hydrogen Detection Tape Saves Time and Lives

Single-Photon Lidar Maps Ground Features Quickly, Efficiently

Temperature Sensors Cement Integrity of Bridges

Primer Stops Corrosion without Requiring Rust Removal

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