Table of Contents INSIDE 2017



Robotics Spinoffs

Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Partnership News

Award-Winning Technologies

Spinoffs of Tomorrow

NASA Technology Transfer Program

Health and Medicine

Active Pixel Sensors Lead Dental Imagery into the Digital Age

Mini Heat Pipes Wick Away Heat in Brain Surgery

Fluorescent Diagnostic Test Readers Offer Fast, Low-Cost Results

Cooling Garments Find New Medical, Athletic, and Industrial Uses

Space-Based Bone Scanner Expands Medical Research

Temperature-Regulating Fabrics Keep Babies Comfortable


Reconfigurable Radio Tracks Flights Worldwide

Design Software Shapes Future Sonic Booms

Orion Parachute Innovations Carry Commercial Rockets Back to Earth

CO2 Sensors Monitor Vehicle Emissions from Above

Software Opens Computational Fluid Dynamics to the Uninitiated

Hydraulic Carts Streamline Structural Tests for Aircraft

Public Safety

Orion Video Requirement Advances High-Speed, Compact Cameras

Rocket Technology Stops Shaking in Its Tracks

Micromachined Sensors Monitor Train Rails, Predict Failures

Wire Sensors Alert to Dangerous Conditions in the Clouds

Fast-Flow Nanofiber Filters Purify Water at Home and in the Field

Miniaturized Vacuum Pumps Play Big Roles on Mars and Earth

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