Table of Contents INSIDE 2018



Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Spinoffs of Tomorrow

NASA Technology Transfer Program

Health and Medicine

Sterilizing Fogger Cleans Ambulances with a Breeze

Biometric Sensors Optimize Workouts

Optimized Imager Tracks Cancer, Stem Cells in Medical Research

Weightless "Weight"-Lifting Builds Muscle on Earth

Virtual Therapist Offers Out-of-This World Depression Treatment

Compact Spectrometers Unveil Clues to Diagnose Cancer


Innovative Design Propels Small Jet Faster, Farther with Less Fuel

Design Software Transforms How Commercial Jetliners Are Built

Original Cryogenic Engine Still Powers Exploration, Defense, Industry

Time-Triggered Ethernet Slims Down Critical Data Systems

Simplified Aircraft Modeling Packs Weeks of Analysis into Minutes

Public Safety

Radar Device Detects Heartbeats Trapped under Wreckage

Surveillance System Captures, Maps Lightning Strikes

Virtual Reality Platform Helps Pilots Land in the Sky

Autonomous Robots Take On Dangerous Warehouse Jobs

Drone Traffic Forecasts Show Commercial Skies of the Future

Offshore Oil Workers Learn Survival Skills in Astronaut Training Pool

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