Table of Contents INSIDE 2019



Executive Summary

NASA Technologies Benefiting Society

Spinoffs of Tomorrow

NASA Technology Transfer Program

Health and Medicine

Unique Polymer Finds Widespread Use in Heart Devices

Material for Mars Makes Life-Saving Sutures

Fluorescent Paints Spot DNA Damage from Radiation, Gene Editing

Image-Analysis Software Sees Cancer in 3D

Miniature Positioner Focuses Lenses with Precision

Biometric Sensor Tracks Vital Signs for Health


Battery Innovations Power All-Electric Aircraft

Shuttle Tire Sensors Warn Drivers of Flat Tires

Space-Age Insulator Evolves to Replace Plastic and Save Weight

Software Helps Design Artery Stents, Lawn Mowers, Airplanes

Super-Accurate Atomic Clocks Could Aid in Navigation, Communication

Probes Characterize Air and Water Flows over Aircraft, Yachts

Public Safety

NASA Brings Accuracy to World’s Global Positioning Systems

Gas Regulators Keep Pilots Breathing

RoboMantis Offers to Take Over Dangerous Missions

Wrapped Tanks Cut Weight on Everything from Buses to Paintball Guns

Membranes Mimic Kidneys to Filter Water

Detailed Spectrometry Makes Dangerous-Materials Testing Safer

Methane Detector Sniffs Out Leaks

Biofeedback Loops Aim to Enhance Combat, Sports Training

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