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For your product or process to be considered a NASA spinoff and be considered for publication it must meet one or more of the following criteria.

  1. A product or process was designed for NASA use, to NASA specifications, and then commercialized.

  2. A commercial product or process was:

    (a) based on an invention made and reported to NASA under a NASA funding agreement (contract, grant, or cooperative agreement);
    (b) developed as a result of a NASA funded agreement;
    (c) developed as a result of know how gained under a NASA funding agreement or through collaboration with NASA.

  3. A component or process involving a NASA developed or funded technology was:

    (a) used in the development of a commercial product or process.
    (b) used in manufacturing a commercial product.
    (c) used to modify an existing product.

  4. NASA personnel or facilities played a significant role in the design or testing of the commercial product or process.

  5. A commercial product or process resulted from successful entrepreneurial endeavors by ex-NASA employees whose technical expertise was developed while employed by NASA.

  6. A product or process is commercialized as the result of a NASA patent license or waiver.

  7. A commercial product or process was developed as a result of the Small Business Innovation Research or Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

  8. A commercial product or process was developed using data or software made available by NASA.

Please provide the details of your story by clicking this e-mail link. **

** Your e-mail program should open a new message with the required headings for your submission already within the email. If the headings are not included, please send us the following information:

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