NASA Spinoff Database: Coatings Extend Life of Engines and Infrastructure

NASA Center: Glenn Research Center
Public Release Year: 2010
Reference Number: GRC-SO-184
Category: Transportation
Origin: NASA coating technologies

MesoCoat Inc., of Euclid, Ohio, collaborated with Glenn Research Center to provide thermal barrier coating (TBC) technology, developed by Glenn researcher Dongming Zhu, to enhance the lifespan and performance of engines in U.S. Air Force legacy aircraft. The TBC reduces thermal stresses on engine parts, increasing component life by 50 percent. MesoCoat is also producing metal cladding technology that may soon provide similar life-lengthening benefits for the Nation's infrastructure. Through a Space Act Agreement with Glenn, the company employs the Center's high-density infrared arc lamp system to bond its cladding materials for demonstration prototypes; the coating technology can prevent corrosion on metal beams, pipes, and rebar for up to 100 years.

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Page Number in Published book: 62
Manufacturer: MesoCoat Inc.

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