NASA Spinoff Database: Radiation Insulation

NASA Center: NASA Headquarters
Public Release Year: 1995
Reference Number: HDQS-SO-179
Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation
Origin: Apollo Program

The Apollo and subsequent spacecraft have had highly effective radiation barriers; made of aluminized polymer film, they bar or let in heat to maintain consistent temperatures inside. Tech 2000, formerly Quantum International Corporation used the NASA technology in its insulating materials, Super Q" Radiant Barrier for home industry and mobile applications. The insulation combines industrial aluminum foil overlaid around a core of another material usually propylene or mylar. The outer layer reflects up to 97 percent of heat; the central layer creates a thermal break in the structure and thus allows low radiant energy emission. The Quantum Cool Wall used in cars and trucks takes up little space while providing superior insulation thus reducing spoilage and costs. The panels can also dampen sound and engine exhaust and solar heat."

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