NASA Spinoff Database: Traffic Monitor

NASA Center: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Public Release Year: 1992
Reference Number: JPL-SO-115
Category: Public Safety
Origin: NASA's Imaging and Robotic Vision Technology

Mestech's X-15 Eye in the Sky a traffic monitoring system, incorporates NASA imaging and robotic vision technology. A camera or sensor box" is mounted in a housing. The sensor detects vehicles approaching an intersection and sends the information to a computer which controls the traffic light according to the traffic rate. Jet Propulsion Laboratory technical support packages aided in the company's development of the system. The X-15's "smart highway" can also be used to count vehicles on a highway and compute the number in each lane and their speeds important information for freeway control engineers. Additional applications are in airport and railroad operations. The system is intended to replace loop-type traffic detectors."

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Page Number in Published book: 116-117
Manufacturer: MESTECH

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