NASA Spinoff Database: Waste Site Mapping

NASA Center: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Public Release Year: 1994
Reference Number: JPL-SO-133
Category: Environment And Resource Management
Origin: NASA Developed Landsat Thematic Mapper

Old aircraft considered not restorable are melted down in on-site furnaces to reclaim the aluminum in their airframes. The process produces aluminum ingots and leaves a residue known as dross." Because dross contains contaminants like lead silver cadmium and copper Pima County the dross dumping site wanted to locate areas where dross had been dumped. Dr. Larry Lepley and Sandra L. Perry used the Landsat Thematic Mapper to screen for dross. A special two-step procedure was developed to separate the dross dumps (typically no larger than 50 meters across) from the desert background. The project has opened the door for similar applications."

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