NASA Spinoff Database: Power Amplifiers Boost Radar, Communications, Defense Systems

NASA Center: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Public Release Year: 2017
Reference Number: JPL-SO-206
Category: Computer Technology
Origin: Solid-state power amplifiers for satellites

As a subcontractor under an SBIR contract from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, QuinStar Technology Inc. of Torrance, California, developed a solid-state power amplifier of unprecedented efficiency. While most comparable devices lose 20 percent of their amplified energy when their signals recombine, QuinStar_s lose 8 percent. The solid-state technology requires lower voltage and is lighter, more compact, and more reliable than its tube-based predecessors, making it ideal for radars, communications equipment on spacecraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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Page Number in Published book: 152
Manufacturer: QuinStar Technology Inc.

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