NASA Spinoff Database: Airline Operations Aid

NASA Center: Johnson Space Center
Public Release Year: 1993
Reference Number: JSC-SO-161
Category: Transportation

C Language Integrated Production System (CLIPS), a NASA-developed expert systems program, is used by American Airlines for three purposes: as a rapid prototyping tool; to develop production prototypes; and to develop production application. An example of the latter is CLIPS' use in Hub S1AAshing a knowledge based system that recommends contingency plans when severe schedule reductions must be made. Hub S1AAshing has replaced a manual, labor intensive process. It saves time and allows Operations Control Coordinators to handle more difficult situations. Because the system assimilates much of the information necessary to facilitate educated decision making, it minimizes negative impact in situations where it is impossible to operate all flights.

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Page Number in Published book: 88
Manufacturer: American Airlines

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