NASA Spinoff Database: Ergonomic Chairs

NASA Center: Johnson Space Center
Public Release Year: 1997
Reference Number: JSC-SO-184
Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation
Origin: Skylab Manned Orbital Laboratory

Findings published in the NASA Anthropometric Source Book by Johnson Space Center helped BodyBilt, Inc. to fashion controlled comfort chairs that lessen the harmful effects of gravity on seated workers. Crew members living aboard NASA's Skylab noted that in space the human posture differs from the normal posture caused by the tug of one gravity. There has been an alarming increase in back pain and muscle fatigue in workers, along with a dramatic escalation in repetitive stress injuries. BodyBilt's ergonomically-correct line of office chairs are targeted for the average worker that sits for prolonged periods, be it in the classroom or boardroom. Their roster of national clients lists such organizations as IBM, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, Eastman-Kodak, Boeing, Motorola, and Walt Disney Studios.

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Page Number in Published book: 74
Manufacturer: Bodybilt, Inc.

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