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NASA Center: Johnson Space Center
Public Release Year: 2005
Reference Number: JSC-SO-230
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Origin: Space Suit Contract for Apollo Mission

Through its work with space suit designing, testing, and manufacturing, ILC Dover developed skills and processes unique to the industry. The work ranges from therapeutic suits; to safe, efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing; to new, simple-to-use, life-saving gas and chemical masks; and to lighter-than-air vehicles (LTAs). 1) ILC Dover has engineered therapeutic cooling and heating suits to assist people suffering from various maladies. The Cool Vest,T featured in Spinoff 1982, is a lightweight cooling garment designed to reduce the effects of heat stress that ILC Dover created out of its work with the liquid-cooling systems used to regulate astronaut body temperature in the space suit. 2) More recently, the engineers at ILC Dover experimented with using the same radio frequency molecular stimulation that they use to fasten space suit components together to generate low levels of heat deep within muscles for treating muscular stress. The stimulation caused by this technique leads to deep tissue diathermy or the oscillating of cellular muscle tissue for deep warmth. Developed in conjunction with SeliCor, Inc., a biomedical device company in Austin, Texas, this product is now being marketed as SeliTherm.T 3) ILC Dover has also created the DoverPac.R Designed in collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company, the DoverPac provides reliable containment of highly active ingredients in powder form. It is a series of high-strength, flexible, transparent tubes, and it helps get drugs to the market faster while protecting workers and ensuring integrity with its low permeability and many other safety features. 4) ILC Dover has developed a new civilian gas mask, the SCape Hood.T The same heat seals used for the harsh conditions of space bind the SCape Hood together.. The expertise gained from protecting the astronauts from the harsh space environment transfers directly to work in protecting people on Earth from chemical warfare and hazardous material spills. 5) ILC Dover also manufactures 80 percent of the LTAs afloat in the world.

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