NASA Spinoff Database: Fabrics Protect Sensitive Skin from UV Rays

NASA Center: Johnson Space Center
Public Release Year: 2009
Reference Number: JSC-SO-238
Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation
Origin: space suit gloves, space suits, astronaut life support

Late Johnson Space Center engineer Dr. Robert Dotts headed a team to develop cool suits for children suffering from life-threatening sun sensitivities. Dotts hoped to develop ultraviolet-blocking technology in a fabric that-unlike in a bulky space suit-could remain comfortable, light, and breathable in the sun and heat. The team worked with the Solar Protective Factory Inc. (SPF), of Madison, Wisconsin, to design ultraviolet-blocking cool suits, which protect sun-sensitive patients and enable them to experience life outdoors safely. Using knowledge gained during the NASA collaboration, SPF created an entire line of ultraviolet-blocking apparel.

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Page Number in Published book: 82
Manufacturer: Solar Protective Factory Inc

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