NASA Spinoff Database: Faster Finances

NASA Center: Johnson Space Center
Public Release Year: 1976
Reference Number: JSC-SO-57
Category: Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology
Origin: Apollo Program

TRW has applied the Apollo checkout procedures to retail-store and bank-transaction systems, as well as to control systems for electric power transmission grids -- reducing the chance of power blackouts. Automatic checkout equipment for Apollo Spacecraft is one of the most complex computer systems in the world. Used to integrate extensive Apollo checkout procedures from manufacture to launch, it has spawned major advances in computer systems technology. Store and bank credit system has caused significant improvement in speed and accuracy of transactions, credit authorization, and inventory control. A similar computer service called Validata" is used nationwide by airlines airline ticket offices car rental agencies and hotels."

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Page Number in Published book: 51
Manufacturer: TRW, INC.

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