NASA Spinoff Database: Air Quality Monitor

NASA Center: Langley Research Center
Public Release Year: 1996
Reference Number: LARC-SO-159
Category: Computer Technology
Origin: Langley Software for Trace Gas Analysis

The Stak-Tracker CEM (Continuous Emission Monitor) Gas Analyzer is an air quality monitor capable of separating the various gases in a bulk exhaust stream and determining the amounts of individual gases present within the stream. The monitor is produced by GE Reuter-Stokes, a subsidiary of GE Corporate Research & Development Center. The Stak-Tracker uses a Langley Research Center software package which measures the concentration of a target gas by determining the degree to which molecules of that gas absorb an infrared beam. The system is environmental-friendly, fast and has relatively low installation and maintenance costs. It is applicable to gas turbines and various industries including glass, paper and cement.

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Page Number in Published book: 88-89

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