NASA Spinoff Database: A Boon for the Architect Engineer

NASA Center: Langley Research Center
Public Release Year: 1992
Reference Number: LARC-SO-184
Category: Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology
Origin: Langley Research Center's Construction Specifications System (specsintact)

Langley Research Center's need for an improved construction specification system led to an automated system called SPECSINTACT. A catalog of specifications, the system enables designers to retrieve relevant sections from computer storage and modify them as needed. SPECSINTACT has also been adopted by government agencies. The system is an integral part of the Construction Criteria Base (CCB), a single disc containing design and construction information for 10 government agencies including the American Institute of Architects' MASTERSPEC. CCB employs CD-ROM technologies and is available from the National Institute of Building Sciences. Users report substantial savings in time and productivity.

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Page Number in Published book: 94-95
Manufacturer: NASA - Code NXF

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