NASA Spinoff Database: Safety Grooving

NASA Center: Langley Research Center
Public Release Year: 1985
Reference Number: LARC-SO-43
Category: Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology
Origin: Reduction of Aircraft Accidents on Wet Runways

Safety grooving, the cutting of grooves in concrete to increase traction and prevent injury, was first developed to reduce aircraft accidents on wet runways. Represented by the International Grooving and Grinding Association (IG&GA), the industry expanded into highway and pedestrian applications. The technique originated at Langley, which assisted in testing the grooving at airports and on highways. Skidding was reduced, stopping distance decreased, and a vehicle's cornering ability on curves was increased. The process has been extended to animal holding pens, steps, parking lots and other potentially slippery surfaces.

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Page Number in Published book: 52-53

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