NASA Spinoff Database: A Force to Reckon With

NASA Center: Langley Research Center
Public Release Year: 1999
Reference Number: LARC-SO-48
Category: Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology
Origin: Based on Technology Used for Audio Tone Generation, Noise Cancellation, and Positioning Systems

Through a licensing agreement with NASA, Face International Corporation has successfully commercialized ferroelectric actuator/sensor technology developed at Langley Research Center. Face International manufactures both ferroelectric actuators and sensors under the trademark Thunder" (Thin Layer Composite Unimorph Ferroelectric Driver and Sensor). As actuators the Thunder technology provides a high level of movement not seen before in piezoelectric devices. Crystal structures generate electricity when stressed and move when voltage is applied. As sensors the technology can be used in such applications as microphones non-destructive testing and vibration sensing. Thunder technology is being researched as a noise reduction device for aircraft engines. The technology is durable enough to be used in harsh environments making it applicable to many commercial applications."

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Page Number in Published book: 83
Manufacturer: Face International

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