NASA Spinoff Database: Clean Room Apparel

NASA Center: Marshall Space Flight Center
Public Release Year: 1989
Reference Number: MSFC-SO-112
Category: Health And Medicine
Origin: NASA Contamination Control Technology Used To Prevent Contamination in Spacecraft Equipment

American Hospital Supply Corporation (AHSC), Baxter Healthcare Corporation's predecessor, used the NASA informational base on contamination control technology to improve industrial contamination control technology. When a study determined that microscopic body particles escaping through tiny windows" in woven garments worn by workers were the greatest source of contamination AHSC developed TYVEK. This non-woven material filters 99% of all particulate matter larger than half a micron. Baxter Healthcare added a polyimide coating which seals and ties down any loose fibers providing greater durability. Stress points along seams have been minimized to make the garment almost tearproof. Micro-Clean 212 garments are individually packaged and disposable."

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Page Number in Published book: 88-89
Manufacturer: Baxter Healthcare Corporation

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