NASA Spinoff Database: A Tutor That's Up to the Task

NASA Center: Marshall Space Flight Center
Public Release Year: 2003
Reference Number: MSFC-SO-126
Category: Computer Technology
Origin: NASA's Remote Payload Operations Tutor

With assistance from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, a new breed of artificial intelligence-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) for technical training and complex problem-solving has hit the market to provide students and trainees with the decision-making skills necessary to succeed to the next level. The Task Tutor ToolkitT (T3), developed by Stottler Henke Associates, Inc., of San Mateo, California, is a generic tutoring system shell and scenario authoring tool that emulates expert instructors and lowers the cost and difficulty of creating scenario-based ITS for technical training. The functionality of Stottler Henke Associates' T3 far exceeds that of traditional computer-based training systems, which test factual recall and narrow skills by prompting students to answer multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank questions. The T3, on the contrary, lets students assess situations, generate solutions, make decisions, and carry out actions in realistically complex scenarios. The tutoring technology was developed from 1997 to 2002, under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with Marshall, to address NASA's need for rapid deployment of scenario-based tutoring systems.

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Page Number in Published book: 60-61
Manufacturer: Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.

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