NASA Spinoff Database: Air Purifiers Eliminate Pathogens, Preserve Food

NASA Center: Marshall Space Flight Center
Public Release Year: 2009
Reference Number: MSFC-SO-190
Category: Consumer/Home/Recreation
Origin: NASA plant research

NASA-funded researchers produced an ethylene reduction device for a plant growth unit. KES Science and Technology Inc., a Kennesaw, Georgia-based company specializing in sustaining perishable foods, licensed the ethylene scrubbing technology. KES partnered with Akida Holdings, of Jacksonville, Florida, which now markets the NASA-developed technology as AiroCide. According to the company, it is the only air purifier that completely destroys airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, mycotoxins, viruses, volatile organic compounds (like ethylene), and odors. What's more, the devices have no filters that need changing and produce no harmful byproducts, such as the ozone created by some filtration systems

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Page Number in Published book: 80
Manufacturer: Akida Holdings

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