NASA Spinoff Database: A Leak Monitor for Industry

NASA Center: Marshall Space Flight Center
Public Release Year: 1996
Reference Number: MSFC-SO-52
Category: Public Safety
Origin: Space Shuttle Main Engine

GenCorp Aerojet Industrial Products, Lewis Research Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, and Case Western Reserve University developed a gas leak detection system, originally for use with the Space Shuttle propulsion system and reusable launch vehicles. The Model HG200 Automated Gas Leak Detection System has miniaturized sensors that can identify extremely low concentrations of hydrogen without requiring oxygen. A microprocessor-based hardware/software system monitors the sensors and displays the source and magnitude of hydrogen leaks in real time. The system detects trace hydrogen around pipes, connectors, flanges and pressure tanks, and has been used by Ford Motor Company in the production of a natural gas-powered car.

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Page Number in Published book: 66-67
Manufacturer: Aerojet Industrial Products, Inc.

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