NASA Spinoff Database: An Innovation in Building Design

NASA Center: Marshall Space Flight Center
Public Release Year: 1980
Reference Number: MSFC-SO-83
Category: Industrial Productivity/Manufacturing Technology
Origin: Apollo Command Module

Collins & Aikman's flat cable permits elimination of ducts and other accommodations traditionally required for building wiring systems, thus gives designers new latitude in planning attractive open landscape" office layouts. The big factor is that FCC whose thickness approximates that of two business cards can be mounted on walls and floors instead of in them and can be installed beneath a carpet or along a baseboard. Originating from Apollo's command module its essential sheathing is designed to look like decor rather than plumbing. This could possibly eliminate traditional ducting under floors and elsewhere necessary to accommodate conventional wiring. Construction costs are reduced by 14 percent. "

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Page Number in Published book: 84-85
Manufacturer: Collins & Aikman, Inc.

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