NASA Spinoff Database: Advanced Keyboard

NASA Center: Stennis Space Center
Public Release Year: 1993
Reference Number: SSC-SO-37
Category: Computer Technology
Origin: Research of Faster Computer/human Interaction on Shuttle Missions

Using chordic technology, a data entry operator can finger key combinations for text or graphics input. Because only one hand is needed, a disabled person may use it. Strain and fatigue are less than when using a conventional keyboard; input is faster, and the system can be learned in about an hour. Infogrip, Inc. developed chordic input technology with Stennis Space Center (SSC). (NASA is interested in potentially faster human/computer interaction on spacecraft as well as a low cost tactile/visual training system for the handicapped.) The company is now marketing the BAT as an improved system for both disabled and non-disabled computer operators.

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Page Number in Published book: 109
Manufacturer: INFOGRIP, INC. (

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