NASA Spinoff Database: Hyperspectral Systems Increase Imaging Capabilities

NASA Center: Stennis Space Center
Public Release Year: 2010
Reference Number: SSC-SO-65
Category: Health And Medicine
Origin: Hyperspectral imaging sensors used in Earth observation satellites

In 1983, NASA started developing hyperspectral systems to image in the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared wavelengths. In 2001, the first on-orbit hyperspectral imager, Hyperion, was launched aboard the Earth Observing-1 spacecraft. Based on the hyperspectral imaging sensors used in Earth observation satellites, Stennis Space Center engineers and Institute for Technology Development researchers collaborated on a new design that was smaller and used an improved scanner. The technology is now exclusively licensed by Themis Vision Systems LLC, of Richmond, Virginia, and is widely used in medical and life sciences, defense and security, forensics, and microscopy.

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Page Number in Published book: 44
Manufacturer: Themis Vision Systems LLC

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