Commercial Benefits--Spinoffs

The idea that if we can go to the Moon we can accomplish other feats long considered impossible has been firmly implanted in people's minds. Confidence that solutions can be found to such urgent problems as an energy shortage, environmental degradations, and strife between nations, has been nourished by this spectacular demonstration in space of man's capabilities.

--James E. Webb, NASA Administrator 1961-1968


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The NASA technologies that lend themselves to successful commercialization have obviously increased and diversified in the past 25 years. Research in aeronautics; in life, microgravity, and space sciences; in communications; and in space flight and access has brought forth an array of sophisticated technologies ready for transfer to the private sector. Likewise, the resulting products are diverse.

In 1973, this publication featured a new externally-rechargeable pacemaker eliminating costly battery replacement surgery every two years. Today's publication includes a story of interest to other consumers: improvements in suction, vibration, and particle removal by a vacuum cleaner incorporating NASA expertise in a number of disciplines.

The following pages once again highlight spinoff products and services. These wide-ranging benefits are the result of application and development engineers at work in bold and close partner ship with NASA and the Agency's Commercial Technology Network.

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