of  NASA Administrator, Daniel S. GoldinFor 40 years, NASA has been an investment in America's future. As explorers, pioneers, and innovators, we boldly expand frontiers in air and space to inspire and serve America and to benefit the quality of life here on Earth. As we enter the 21st century, we will build on these accomplishments with a renewed focus in scientific research and the development and application of new cutting-edge technologies. Our capabilities are unique and will enable us to answer fundamental questions that have challenged humankind for centuries.

Policy and legislative mandates have changed our way of doing business. Through bold initiatives, restructuring, and increased efficiencies, we have reduced our budget and workforce while maintaining a level of excellence that America has learned to expect of us.

In addition, we have established four Strategic Enterprises to implement NASA's mission: Aeronautics and Space Transportation Technology, Space Science, Earth Science, and Human Exploration and Development of Space.

The research and development conducted by our ten Field Centers within these Enterprises will answer many questions about the universe and will result in technologies with wide-ranging applications. The effects will be felt by scientists throughout the world, and by industry in its quest to excel in the highly competitive global economy.

"Spinoff 1998" reflects NASA's versatility and spirit of innovation.

The last four decades of NASA research and development have improved technologies transferrable to industry and impacted our quality of life in very positive ways. Our work in future decades will be even more impressive as we continue to develop technologies that will accrue benefits for all humankind.


Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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