NASA Success and Education--A Special Feature

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This year, Spinoff highlights two special programs at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. By also helping to improve the competitiveness of our nation in the world community, these programs complement the efforts of NASA's Commercial Technology Program.

First, an overview of the assistance given by NASA to U.S. businesses. NASA has established the Technology Outreach Program to provide technical assistance to local businesses. The program applies scientific and engineering innovations originally developed for space applications to technical problems experienced by companies. Through the support of its own research laboratories, NASA has solved technical problems of businesses of all sizes and varieties from making ink dry faster in the manufacture of American flags to improving the fit of a prosthetic foot.

Second, as a government agency whose basic product is the advancement of human knowledge, NASA hopes that the inspiration and intellectual excitement inherent in the Aeronautics and Space Program will enrich the study of social sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and technology at all levels of education. NASA is committed to promoting excellence in education, supporting the teaching profession, and increasing awareness of the impact science, mathematics, and technology will have on the quality of life in the 21st century. Providing access and engagement in NASA's exciting missions is key to NASA's education vision of promoting excellence in America's education systems.

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