Forty Years of Research and Development

The research and development efforts initiated by NASA’s Strategic Plan ensure NASA’s ongoing success and leadership in providing scientific and technical advances.

These advances not only impact the scientific and engineering communities, but also provide countless opportunities for private industry to develop innovative commercial products and services.

NASA’s network of 10 field centers, empowered with the resources for developing cutting-edge technologies and advancing scientific research, strives to further expand our knowledge of Earth and the universe. Breakthroughs in remote sensing technologies, propulsion mechanisms, robotics, next-generation aircraft and spacecraft, advanced life support, and yet to be discovered areas will open the door to new possibilities on Earth and beyond.

NASA’s Technology Transfer Program turns 40 this year, leading NASA Headquarters and the 10 field centers to explore the origin, growth, and potential of their technology transfer efforts. Inspired and guided by achievements that have made NASA a leader in aerospace research and development, the field centers are building tomorrow’s technologies today. As the history of NASA technology transfer proudly demonstrates, the work of each field center serves to maintain the U.S. economy’s global leadership while benefiting the lives of people around the world.

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